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the celebration of our 21st Birthday!

FREE Readings, Talks, On-line Pilots, Youth Camps,

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with Tim Seibles, Allison Hedge Coke,

Drema Hall Berkheimer, Weina Randel,

Joe Milazzo, Karla K. Morton, Melissa Shultz, Larry

Thomas, Alan Birkelbach,

and many others.

And, if you participate in any of these classes and events,

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Friday Night, July 29, 7-9 PM, at Wild Detectives

Join TIM SEIBLES reading his work with Tamitha Curiel, Jolee Davis, Fatima Hirsi, Rod Pannek, and Robin Turner.  FREE!

6:30 Meet & Greet for anyone wanting to learn more about The Garret!

Sunday, July 31, 1-4:30 PM, at The Writer’s Garret

TIM SEIBLES teaches an Advanced Poetry Workshop. Only openings for 16 students. Register here. 

Saturday, July 30, 1-4:00 PM, at The Writer’s Garret

SLAM CAMP for Youth, Ages 12-18. Limited spaces available.Register here.

Friday, August 5, Noon  – 2 PM, at The Writer’s Garret

ALLISON HEDGE COKE discusses the power of mentors to shape the lives of others at this Brown Bag discussion for educators, social workers, youth, and mentors. FREE!

Saturday, August 6, 1-6 PM, at The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture 

A FREE All-Afternoon Literary Celebration

12:30  Welcome and Birthday Cake & Champagne: “Who We ARE & Why We’re Here”; Streaming On-Line Toasts; AND a BIG  THANK YOU to Tamitha Curiel

  • 1:30    Joe Milazzo & Drema Hall Berkheimer
  • 2:15    Melissa Shultz & Weina Randel
  • 2:40    Evan Cleveland
  • 3:00    Allison Hedge Coke
  • 3:30    Bruce Bond & Sanderia Fay Smith
  • 4:15    Poets Laureates Reading: Alan Bir
  • kelbach, Karla K. Morton, & Larry Thomas

Robert Hedgecoke

Ronald E. Moore

Jack Myers

Pete Tomlinson

Paul Ruffin

Joe Stanco

Robert Trammell 


Sunday, August 7, 1-4:30 PM, at The Writer’s Garret

ALLISON HEDGE COKE teaches a Creative Writing Workshop Others for Poets, Fiction Writers, and “Authenticity and Authority in Writing.” Register here.

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Drema Hall Berkheimer
Running on Red Dog Road
And Other Perils of An Appalachian Childhood
[email protected]
published by Zondervan, a HarperCollins Company



and other perils of an Appalachian childhood

a memoir by Drema Hall Berkheimer

published for April 2016 release by:

Zondervan Publishing Company

A Division of Harper Collins


                                 Dressed for Easter services at Cales Chapel - Caption


The Waltons meet Little House on the Prairie told with Mark Twain’s humor.” —Tom Rodgers

Every year mining companies set slag heaps ablaze, burning trash coal into rocks called red dog. And every year trucks dumped loads of those sharp rocks on the dirt road we lived on.

 Grandma said, “Don’t you be running on that red dog road.”

 But I do.



Published by Zondervan – A HarperCollins Company


 Drema’s Stories in WV South Magazine

                                      Running on a Red Dog Road in West Virginia South Magazine DremaHall Berckheimer


                                      photo 4

                                      Flapjack and Drema

                                      Best Hair-do Conest

                                     photo 3


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